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About us

Why choose us?

Here at Alicante Sales & Lettings we pride ourselves on exceptional service!

When buying or selling a property in Spain, use an agency you can trust! Alicante Sales & Lettings are qualified, licensed and regulated and are always up to date with the latest legislation to ensure we can always provide you with unrivalled guidance!

We provide you with all the expert advice and assistance you need, from guiding you through the entire purchasing process, to giving you all the support and assistance you need after your purchase to start your new life here in Spain.

So, if you are looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable estate agent to guide you through the complexities of buying or selling a property in Spain then look no further! Choosing us your estate agent means partnering with a qualified and professional agency who possess a deep understanding of the local housing market and Spanish property law.

Alicante Sales & Lettings have a proven track record of successful transactions and will provide you with the expertise and personalized service you need to make your buying or selling journey a smooth and successful one!

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Alicante Sales & Lettings are a qualified agency, certified by the Association of Real Estate Agents of the Province of Alicante. N° A-051 

Members of the APIAL are qualified Real Estate professionals who are regulated by the ROYAL Decree 1294/2007 and are approved by the Official College of Real Estate Agents and the General Council. We are supported and recognized by the Public Administration as a real estate professional capable of performing our duties with total guarantee and security.

We are a qualified agency, responsible for mediating, advising and managing operations of sale, exchange or transfer of real estate. We can also act as a mediator in the granting of mortgages and have the power to issue official opinions on the value of sale, assignment or transfer of a property. We are qualified professionals, authorised to help you with everything related to the purchase and sale of property.

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A Place in the Sun!

We are proud to work with the channel 4 hit show “A Place in the Sun”!

The programme that helps house-hunters find their dream holiday home in the sun.

Alicante Sales & Lettings have been tasked with sourcing and coordinating the perfect properties for channel 4’s “A Place in the Sun” 

An ongoing role in which we are very proud to be a part of!

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Why choose Alicante?

Alicante ranks as the 4th most populous province in Spain (after Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia), with around 1,839,000 inhabitants.
The largest cities in the province of Alicante by population are: Alicante city, Elche, Torrevieja, Orihuela, Benidorm, Alcoy and Elda.
Alicante also enjoys a beautiful and stable climate all year round, with over 300 days of sunshine per year! 


Spain’s healthcare is ranked among the best in the world! With short waiting times and excellent patient care, they were ranked 8th in the world!
For comparison, the UK were ranked 30th…


If you are moving to Spain with children then you may understandably have concerns regarding education… But do not fear, the state schools in Spain are great! With an emphasis on outdoor education and sports, the children here receive a much more active, healthier and happier way of life! 
There are also many private and international schools located all over Alicante, so you will always have a vast choice.


Spain’s economy is growing well at an average of 2.5%-3% each year, and because of this Spain’s growth rate now compares favorably with the rest of the euro zone!
With favorable property prices, a low cost of living, beautiful beaches and over 300 days of sunshine each year, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to call Alicante their home!

About us:  Qualifications About us:  Qualifications About us:  Qualifications